The will to love

He said love is infinite.
One could love more than one
and each could taste different
but it’s still the same old love.

He said love is paying attention.
Two eyes to drink your lover to
and each glance reveals different
but it’s still the same old love.

I have heard of love abundant.
Once, in a river unsure,
Two fishes danced to the bounty
Many joined their celebration.
Many more were forgotten.
They stayed swimming to the unknown.
It felt like the same old love.

I see: love is intention
That poets mix with time
Imitating the fishes that stayed
leaving poems behind.

Koi Fish Painting Japanese - Free image on Pixabay

Love is the prisoner’s dilemma

Okay, hear me out.

I have been watching this anime called “Kaguya-sama: Love is War”. It is a hilarious Japanese anime, and I am convinced about its premise: the first one to fall is a loser. This premise is strong that its exaggeration of it in different episodes totally makes for a good laugh, as you wonder if this is the state of heterosexual romance in general.

But before that, let me explain to you what the prisoners’ dilemma is. It is part of rational choice theory, and this example gamifies the situation into a riddle. The riddle is: if two robbers are suspected of committing the crime together, and investigated in separate rooms and thhese are the options presented before them: What would be the best choice you could make not knowing what your partner would do?

Remember, if the partner confessed & you remain silent, you go to jail for 20 years! So the punishment for staying silent like a fool is heavy, and ratting out (assuming your partner would also do it) is still something you could bear. But if you both remain silent, you both could be free! What would you do?!

prisoners' dilemma
Detailed Game theory explanation here.

Anyway, my larger point, inspired from Kaguya-sama, is that love is this prisoner’s dilemma.

  • The person who falls in love deeply is the certified idiot.
  • The person who doesn’t fall in love has nothing to lose.
  • If they both confess together, then it is happily ever after in prison!

For the miniscule possibility that the other person feels the same way, will you go all out and suffer like a fool?

Don’t fall in love, kids. It doesn’t look good for most of us. That’s that on that.

Yours certified idiot,
tame shewolf.