Of Fur, Claws & Blood

This is me, Tame SheWolf.

I was born in July, on a boring afternoon when it didn’t even rain.

I analyze stories and songs, people and their handwriting, and my feelings. I keep making and discarding theories. I like playing with words, but I am not good with puns. I am an introvert who loves long conversations. I wish to be wilder but I find myself to be quite tame. My hobbies are sedentary, so I’ll make that sound cool by calling myself a ‘mental adventurer’.

I write to control, articulate and archive my thoughts.
Sometimes, I write about how I can’t write.
Most times, I write emotionally and outgrow it within a month.
The other times, I struggle to make meaning of my existence.

Having made this ‘about me’ page, I will try hard to not live up to it. I will break free from my own narrative. You should stay to watch me do that.

Last updated on February 2014

8 thoughts on “Of Fur, Claws & Blood

  1. Your’s is an insanely creative blog, Tame She-Wolf! But there is one question that intrigues me: do we know each other in the real world?
    Just a thought..!


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