To just do it!

In doing, there is discovery.

What does it take to write one good paragraph a day?

I could contemplate about all the topics I want to write about. I could worry about having nothing new to say. Perhaps if I just say what has already been said, I will discover something about it that needed to be said differently. I may understand my need to restate it again. Maybe, somebody understands the same idea better because I said it in the way it connects to them. So, I do not need to stop myself because it has already been said. I don’t need to worry about saying it perfectly. I don’t have to do justice to what has been said. Well, it has been said.

I need to work my way through words with words to reach the words. To do is to anchor your thoughts. To choose a thought and to pursue it. Will I be able to recreate my abstraction perfectly? Maybe not. I will lose so much of the abstraction because I want the writing to make sense. But I can go at it again, and again. Every idea will be different from what I intended to capture.

In doing, there is discovery.

I started writing because I had fun with it. Not to create a certain number of blog-posts; not to create a self-image that I can’t break away from; not to create milestones; not to do this alone in an island of my own greatness/stupidity. I came here to play.

Going back to playing and being playful,


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