Come, walk with me


Things I have learned:

Endings are not sudden
…………— they accumulate like dust
Nobody really knows
…………— they see what they want to
…………….(even I do)
Promises are naïve
……….. — they are not necessarily bad
I cannot begrudge you
…………— ..
……………(I hate that I pretend to understand)


It is sad to talk in lists.


remember how I used to save a seat for you discuss before and after the lecture never in between nobody nods anymore they reply how taxing I say you said you needed me time and I thought soulmate songmate you can have that any time I refused to hug you right in the middle of a crowded railway station because I just cannot assert myself in public spaces now it makes me wonder why did you put up with me why does anyone put up with such irrational rejection I would like to think I am a little less stuck up than I was before I will always be grateful to the persistent part of you remember that silly inside joke where you gave me a nickname cooler than me and I gave you a phrase come walk with me


I could cry. I do cry.
I try unsuccessfully to be accurate,
to punctuate (I over-punctuate).
Conversations have begun to demand some context.


It is the grief that keeps probing the wound.
Has it healed? Has it healed now? Has it? Has it?
Can we ever un-love someone who has been
nothing but nice, something but absent?
I ask the day, are sins of omission as sinful?
I ask the night, how could she marry at 22?


Come, walk with me, one day
when I will be married to
a person who under-understands me,
I’ll sigh at the conversation’s dead-end
breathe in the cold moonlight,
and miss you terribly
like this—
all over again.

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