Write, right now!

“One forges one’s style on the terrible anvil of daily deadlines.”
Émile Zola

I have often heard writers and amateur writers and non-writers advising other budding writers to ‘Write, right now!’

I find that annoying. Every time someone tells me if you wanted to write, you would have written by now, that all there is to writing is to write diligently everyday, I frown. If the demand means to stay in touch with writing, I meet that anyway.

I end up writing everyday. While conversing with friends (long discussions on chat, I mean), writing my diary, writing phone notes of ideas, writing rough drafts, writing letters and emails etc. Some days I don’t want to write. I am irritated to think that I am thinking the same thing over and over again. There’s no new thought. That’s when I feel trapped in my body and even my life. I reach out to people to escape that rut. Read their work, talk to them about their lives, read books, listen to music.. anything that’s outside of me.

That doesn’t mean I mean, daydream about being some kind of artist, and hope that someday you just might spontaneously create great work. One has to collect their many hours of practicing proficiency and enduring sincerity. That is important. You develop your style because of that. You create a rhythm which is a good thing. But you also create a writing pattern. Again, something that I think one must try to break free from.

Whenever I have attempted to write a blog post recently, I conclude that it is being didactic or is an angry rant. My friends tell me I always wrote just that. (I still have a hard time accepting it). I end up deleting the post because I am sick of it myself. I am bored again of my own comfortable writing. But then, I haven’t written for so long, it feels like I need a writing resolution or a writing slot in my schedule or more writing prompts. I hate the idea but I am tempted; I make plans, I break them. I am motivated and soon, dejected.

I have decided that “free association” is not “writing.” That’s what you do when you write for therapy sake. That’s how I write my diaries, or ward off the writer’s block. True writing is coming up with something more layered than that. Conscious writing is true writing, for me. That’s what should be the goal- Creation. So I have been unhappy with all that I have written yet. All I do is practice that style of poetry, or this style of plot. I don’t have an idea in my head that is driving the writing, which makes me feel empty.

I wonder if I am already setting myself up for defeat when I say I can’t write with the help of writing prompts. Prompts must inspire, not pressure. Again, prompts help starting off on ideas that originate external to you. So I am not against prompts; the idea tempts me to try it. However, I have read such great works in response to a specific prompt, I can’t take them casually. You compete when you write in response to a prompt.

At the end of the day, I know that one just has to write. I am the one who urges people to write down their ideas or feelings even, to articulate what they’re thinking, to experiment with styles, to read a lot (it is part of writing!)

What is problematic for me is the demand of “do it right now”.   I hate pseudo-urgency. Life is not an emergency situation. I do not understand how self-imposed deadlines work. If I don’t care, I don’t do it. If I care, I don’t need deadlines. But then there’s this one twist: If I don’t care but somebody else cares, I’ll do it.

Based on that principle, I asked some of my friends to give me writing topics to get me going.. I needed someone else to care because I had been in a very apathetic state for a long time. This doesn’t work in the long run, because you begin to feel smothered and then decide not to care.

This post is also a didactic rant. Half my mind wants to delete it. I ask myself- Is that all I have to give to the world? Granny talk?

Rants won’t stop soon.
Signing off,
Tame SheWolf
“If the novels are still being read in 50 years, no one is ever going to say: ‘What’s great about that sixth book is that he met his deadline!’ It will be about how the whole thing stands up.”
George R.R. Martin
PS: Again, this post seems all over the place to me. What am I really talking about?!!

6 thoughts on “Write, right now!

  1. Comparing your own writing with that of great writers (or any writers) is never a good idea. Taking inspiration from your heroes is productive, but not comparing yourself with them. That way lies dark thoughts.

    Also, struggling with perfectionism is a problem. If the only options are perfect writing or hitting the delete key, you will be deleting a lot.

    You see, this comment is a didactic rant. I aspired to write a better comment, but failed utterly. Should I hit the delete key?


    1. Hahaha.. No! Don’t hit delete!
      I see your point.

      I am trying to find another voice than the angry, dissatisfied voice I keep writing in.. But there is no need to quieten one over the other.


  2. I’m simply very glad you finally put pen to paper and wrote.Angry rant or not. I honestly believe that only going out of ones personal comfort zone will help us get better.

    When is the next one due?


  3. People that like your writing, your thoughts, your blogging (and so on) will always be glad to see more from you. I know I am. Aside from any warm and fuzzy feelings though, that’s totally irrelevant. It’s something I find I need to kind of set aside, for me at least. It’s all about how I feel about something, whether it’s a post, a piece of fiction, a poem, whatever. In other words, I’m commenting, but ultimately I’d recommend (more or less) ignoring me.

    Now… the funny thing about the way I usually write is, it’s a stark contrast to what you describe. I rarely (if ever) practice. I don’t even really remember how to write “properly”, to be honest. In fact it probably wouldn’t hurt to delve into different areas, deliberately study and practice all the different elements of story-telling that my better ideas and characters will eventually demand. Not sure how or if that factors in, but I’m kind of on the other end of the spectrum. Clumsily blundering through the fragmentary pieces of fiction on Sparks of Insanity and slowly letting it all coalesce.

    Personally, I don’t do writing prompts. They kind of annoy me most of the time, and on the rare occasion they spark something, it’s usually very indirect.

    When it comes to writing and blogging, to me there’s an important distinction between the two. Free association is fine when it comes to a personal blog, imo. So is anything else. A quote, a short aphorism, a youtube video. Whatever. Writing… well writing is more about art, so to me it involves more processing before it’s shared. Not always, but that’s the biggest difference, and being the amateur I am I try not to be to picky with what I publish on my fiction. I figure I can always go back and rework things later if I need to, because I place a lot of importance on experimentation and the freedom to make messy, atrocious mistakes.

    lol I don’t know where this comment was going, you just sparked some thoughts (the main subject of your post has kind of been an issue for me lately to and I generally find it’s best to blunder my way through it), but I thought I’d go ahead and share them 🙂 . Sorry for the length.


    1. I follow a blogger (Stealingallthesevens) who absolutely kills a writing prompt challenge, and I am always amazed at how creative he gets. On a deadline. I can’t imagine myself doing that.

      I like that you allow your posts to be “revisable”.. Once I hit “Publish”, I rarely go back to any posts to make structural changes, even if months later, I find some typos. For me, the idea dies down to ever really go back to it and pursue it again.

      I was glad to see that my post sparked such a long comment from you. Thank you for sharing what you felt.

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