That’s what you get

“We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.”

― Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt

So, I asked my friends on Facebook about what I should write since it is my blog’s anniversary. Some really tried to help me from my despair, some just mocked it. Instead of choosing just one, I thought why not respond to every suggestion, than just grudgingly “like” it.

This is all that I got by 12 midnight. This is what you get at 1 am.


It is not your birthday.  😐

“Why did you start the blog? What it has got you to? How not to take random advice online?”

  • I started my blog because I wanted to be reminded at each post that I am a good writer by friends and strangers, and that great things await if I keep at it.
  • It has come to the point where I accept that my friends are not going to read (forget like/comment/share) my blog; strangers will stop by, be kind, and leave; and that great thing await despite! But, I still have to keep at it.
  • Damn it creatively. (You see what I did there. I have succeeded to live up to my tag-line at just the right time. :D)

“Write about the year.”

2013- The year when I had tunnel vision for Justin Timberlake. Nothing more.

“Why anyone in his right mind should also write.”

Yeah, that. See, I believe every one cannot draw. Every one is not good at painting. Or sculpting. Or music. Or writing poetry. Or dancing. Or acting. Or photography (even if they really pretend to be.) Having said that, I believe that everyone is creative! We just tend to suppress our expression. If starting a creative endeavor feels intimidating; if being an arty person seems like a natural gift.. but you still want to find a way to express yourself you can always start that journey by writing. It could even be a personal journal! It helps you grow as a person, because for once, you can watch yourself outside yourself.

So, I think, anyone in her (ahem!) right mind should also write because they must explore their own thoughts, and articulate it.

“How beauty and looks are not the same thing!”

It is not the same thing. Looks are about first impressions, and beauty is the lasting one. I think I can really write more on this, so I am saving this for a topic for some other time, and leaving you with this quote:

“Beauty is not caused. It is.” 

― Emily Dickinson

“Perils of blogging”

The perils of blogging, from my experience, are as follows:

  • Your blog will be ransacked by over-enthusiastic admirers who’ll want to know all about you, from the time when you were a giddy-headed teen to the crabby, complaining tween.
  • If you even have a slight, quiet regard for any follower of your blog, you will die a little each time they read an old, embarrassingly raw poem or post.
  • You will lose your hair trying to come up with new things to say. (Yes, you always thought you had so much to say? Try articulating it. Words will refuse to come to you.)
  • You will only be driven to write when you’re emotional. And, then you are doomed to regret it.
  • You will fuss about blog anniversaries.

To, Whatever!

Signing off,

Tame SheWolf


“The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don’t.”

― Douglas Adams

3 thoughts on “That’s what you get

  1. I liked that quote by Emily Dickinson. Here’s another quote to help you with that post on beauty vs looks, by one of my heroines –

    ‘Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art. ‘ – Eleanor Roosevelt


  2. Oh, man, so much of this is true. It might be personal to you, but…it is also true. The friends thing, the creativity thing, and the old post embarrassment thing hit me in particular.


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