The (Un)Tame(d) SheWolf Talks

My book-club is celebrating its anniversary! They’re interviewing “readers” to sign off their successful year 2013, and they chose me!
The questions were creative and fun, and frankly I had to pull up my socks to be as witty . 🙂


Up next we have a regular reader (of our blog too) and a blogger Tame SheWolf! Lest we say something to provoke the shewolf, here’s a quick bio and then you can hear it from the wolf’s mouth.

Reader Bio: Tame SheWolf is a reluctant blogger suffering from existential crisis, who is valiantly fighting boredom and apathy everyday with the hope that the future is maddeningly beautiful and made of better dreams. She has graduated in the subject of psychology, whose traces still linger in her everyday chatter. She has to remind herself that she is 21 years old. And she believes that everybody should read and everybody can write.


Tame SheWolf, who/what inspired you to read?
My English teacher and my mother.

My teacher used to discuss her favorite books in class, even though at that age, we would just listen because we had to. She used to recommend books to…

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