We both keep secrets.
But we don’t lie.

I ask you, you evade the question,
make promises,
tell me parts of the truth.

You ask me, I refuse to answer,
change the topic,
tell you whole of other truths.

But we don’t lie.

Why can’t there be one truth?
Why does everyone’s life lead to different directions?
Why are we both right and both so wrong?
Why is my truth different than yours?

I dream of ways of leaving you
when we’re talking.
when we’re talking, I wish we could kill each other with words.
Exactly how we’d like to.
But we are stuck
To beating ’round the bush.

I am leaving.
Let me go.
You’re gonna be the one who’s free.
I’ll be tied.
Let me be.
I’ll be haunted by
The thrill of these games.

I have left.
You still think it’s a joke.
For you,
This is another round of mind-games.


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