Travel in Time

You are not my reason for living
But you make my life easy
On me
I don’t understand your love
But I find it kinda cute

Was it a coincidental or a karmic reward?
That I met you at an opportune moment
In an otherwise dreary story
Of my grayscale life
In ways I don’t know, you save me
From myself
And though you might always be
Under the illusion that you need me,
(You really don’t),
I realize that I need you more than I can fathom

What do you want in return? Promises?

I will look out for you
I will give you everything in my capacity
In return for every warm hug
In return for every insistent inclusion
In your sundrenched world
In return for every brush of love,
That never is enough

I will hand you pieces of my soul
And try to quench my insatiable thirst
And try to conquer my darkness
Whose source seems inexhaustible

And it doesn’t matter if I succeed in it or not
Doesn’t matter that I may remain disconnected
It doesn’t matter at all

All this…

It’s worth it.

Because of you.

We’ll travel in time together
Maybe not forever
But again, how does that matter?
Time is not the measure of love

I had the time of my life with you
And like I hang on to my darkness,
I’ll hang on to you
And never ever ever let those shadows touch you


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