Quiet Times


The phone’s not ringing
I am thinking about whom to call
It’s been a long day
I need to talk
C’mon, think of someone!
Except you
Except you
Except you

Not you,
And I do think of someone as sweet
But it’s not you

I don’t think of you
Except at quiet times
When left along to myself
When there’s so much to say
But no one to run to

Dusty terrace, pleasant wind
Conversations and evenings
What went wrong?
I know exactly.
What was the point?
Can’t see even vaguely.

I am not coming back
’cause once it starts, I know how it ends
I’ll save myself the torture

I am keeping what I’ve learnt from you
I am keeping you with me
Even if it’s an intangible idea in an intangible space
I am keeping love in me
A quiet, unruffled love.


(title inspired from the song by Dido- Quiet Times)


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