I see you

Hiding your loneliness

Behind your jokes

You keep repeating it

It’s not funny anymore

Do you want me to say something?

Never mind

Faking a smile is easier

I am scared to intrude

To open doors of your shut secrets

What if it rolls out of control?

Rolls right into my incapacity to take it all in and your embarrassment to have let it all out!

Never mind…

It’s easier to pretend- it’s all okay

It’s harder to tell you I feel the same


I see you

I see you wait

Should I say something?

But what can I say?

Wait. Breathe. Wait.

They promised it will be alright

It will, right?

Wait. Hope. Wait.


I see you

I see you disappointed

I am not surprised

None of my words can change

That growing emptiness in your heart

That Stubborn,

Impatient and Painful


I’ll speak, you’ll hear

I’ll speak, you’ll calm down

And maybe you’ll forget too

Because that is not what you want


At this moment

That is not what you need

But I want you to know at least this-

I get that

I know you

I see you

And I’ll see you through


But I don’t say it

And there’s nothing more to say…

And I don’t persist


Your walls are see-through

Break them

It’s of no use

To me and to you

We can walk together

Live this journey

Or sit beside each other

In our vehicle of default decisions

Without saying a word

Leaving everything unsaid

Quiet, next to each other

Looking outside the window

Like strangers

Who were friends

Once upon a time.


The Fray


4 thoughts on “Unsaid

  1. I can recall our conversation at Sandwizza, post Kung fu panda 2 of keeping the subject or the tone discreet and not spoon feeding. It hits better. The poem was mature and honest. Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom (Aristotle) . You are getting there and that’s exactly what I can reflect from it. Good going Kajol. Sacchee


  2. This post reminds of some lines from a movie

    I’m only laughing on the outside
    My smile is just skin-deep
    If you could see inside
    You might join me for a weep.
    the only catch is they were Joker’s lines.
    Pranay’s friend here. Hope u do remember me. Nice one.


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