Waist-deep in love


I know you too well

To know that you will never change

Us together, we look strange

But I like being part of your dreams

Of your world of contradictions

I know our story is not fiction



I am in love with you. I shouldn’t be

You seem wrong for me


And here I stand waist-deep in love


Should I jump in?

Your waves keep crashing over me

Drawing me deeper in

But I am resistin’ (it)

I remain standing waist-deep in love



You know me too well

To know that I will be there

And I like that you care

But you frustrate me with your insecurities

Sometimes, I need you to trust

You know there’s more to my love than lust


Same Bridge n Chorus


There’s a storm in my heart

And it’s tearing me apart

I don’t know what I should do

What I know is it’s not fair to you

To have me holding onto you like a crutch

Honestly, I never knew I could feel this much

Oh, I am in love with you

I am in love with you


Same Bridge n Chorus

Last line:

Then I see you waiting, I see your smile,

Without another thought,

Without wasting any more time,

I let go and drown.

3 thoughts on “Waist-deep in love

    1. Hey, don’t be like that. :\
      This is actually supposed to be a happy song. 😀
      It’s about making sense of the chaos in love and choosing love in spite of its imperfections and the million problems accompanying it.


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