Rogue Lover

Written on request. For my friend’s “Metal band”  😛


He loved her

She loved him

The perfect couple in the eyes of the world

Look closer, peer in

Past the façade and past the curtains

And you’ll find them screaming


Listen up, folks

A story remains untold

Of lovers who are foes

Of love gone rogue

They promise each other love for eternity

With murder on their minds

Love gone rogue

Here’s a love gone rogue


And oh-they’re-so-in-love,

They keep up the deception

While they connive behind each others back.

The temptations and imperfections

They know each other too well

All included for an advantage in the final execution



And the fated day arrives,

Wasting no minute, without a cue

He gropes her and strangles her

And she digs her nail into his skin as she struggles

Damn that bitch!

But the deed is done. He has won. She is forgiven

Oh, that angel!

She has set the table with his favourite wine

In celebration, he must drink

Soon he chokes only to realize he has been poisoned

Ha, the joke!



Sing repeatedly:

Love gone rogue

Here’s a love gone rogue


End line: (Say it, don’t sing it)

Dig two graves when in the path of love (laugh sarcastically)

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2 thoughts on “Rogue Lover

    1. Definitely inspired. But this doesn’t even come close to the level of darkness that that poem has. This song seems immature in comparison.
      But then again, i was not trying to imitate. I wanted this one to be a little peppy and humorous. Not dark


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