Written on request. For my friend’s “Metal band”


First Verse:

And I cannot die a common man,

Though I live like one.

The last moment of my life will have purpose,

Though I’ve passed days where I’ve had none.


An overwhelming pain that never touched my life

Will bring me death one night

In the darkness as my body lays quiet

The world will go deaf in a riot


Fire will pour from inside of me

(Blades of metal and stinging smoke will make the truth harder to see)

While in the wet mud my blood seeps,

I’d have avenged my life hearing the terror in your screams

Second Verse:

My death will be a thunder deafening

Though I live silenced

The banishment to hell doesn’t scare me

‘Cause my life feels like a prison sentence

Bridge: Same

Chorus: Same

Third Verse:

You bastards deserve this…

This state you’ve brought yourself into

With all your fucking holiness intact

I’m the destroyer who created the foundation in the ruins of you

You will not know who to fear

No clue, no mask, no tear

Remember me- I am the anonymous among you

The anonymous you are blind to

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