How I met my E63

“A teenager is always too tired to hold a dishcloth, but never too tired to hold a phone.”

So kids, I’m going to tell you an incredible story: the story of how I met my Nokia E63.

But first, y’all should know how troublesome the year 2010 was. Yes, I was turning 18 that year and unlike every 18 year old, I was reviewing what I had achieved and not achieved. General conclusion was that again, unlike all teenagers I had not done anything mad. See, that is why I have no funny/naughty stories to tell you about my childhood. I was adamant that I will mark the beginning of adulthood by doing something wild.

I came up with two rebellious things to do: 1. Colour my hair red. 2. Get a tattoo on my neck.
I wanted red hair because in early 2010 I was and still am a Florence + The Machine fan. Florence was a ‘Brit’, a ‘great singer’ and had ‘red hair’! The first two criteria were unachieveable technically, so having red hair went up on the list. About the tattoo.. err.. I really don’t remember why I was so impressed by them. Obviously, the big time coward that I am, I never really went ‘mad enough’ to do both the things. Also, y’all should know that I had also been crazy about getting myself a QWERTY keypad phone throughout this time.

Okay so, the point being: I had made a deal with mom (your grand-mom) that she allow me to get a tattoo done instead of getting me a new QWERTY phone for my birthday. I don’t know what my mom (your grand-mom) interpreted that to be but she gifted me Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy. The first book of the series was titled “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” which only added insult to injury. So, my birthday came and went. I didn’t get red hair or a tattoo or a new phone! Can you believe my bad business sense?  I traded the possibility of a new mobile phone for temporary needle pain. Yes, you guessed right, my bad mood prevailed for the rest of the year.

Anyhow kids, my E63 arrived at my house in a pretty box in October 2010. The catch: My mom bought it for herself. I didn’t know then that it will become my most cherished gadget soon. After the initial excitement of a new phone in the house, I did not look back at the phone again. Yeah, it was perfect: awesome keypad; convenient and user-friendly; Shahrukh Khan is the brand ambassador of Nokia so the phone’s brand-ambassador was also approved of; and it was RED! I love gadgets with wacky colours. So, yes, it was perfect. But I did not look at it, that phone was not mine. My bad mood continued. And kids, it was always there; waiting patiently if not silently on the dining table, connected to the electric socket and getting charged.

My mood and the story took a new turn when my mom (your grand-mom) told me she was getting a blackberry for herself [I didn’t want one even though it was in vogue]. I got dreaming about E63. The only problem was my sister (your aunt) who was eyeing the phone too. But being the big sister, I bullied [and bribed] her and claimed the phone as rightfully mine. I was next in line as the ‘heir’. But then again, when the blackberry came, my mom (your grand-mom) was finding it difficult to adjust to it. So she said she’ll need some more time with the E63 [which was understood and accepted by me]. She also placed this condition that I will get the E63 only after my semester exams in February [which was uncalled for and not entertained by me].

Then finally, I don’t remember how but after much ado, I did get the phone by February 2011.

And now I will only reassert how much I love my phone.  Kids, y’all know I don’t talk ‘geek’ like y’all and your Dad. I can’t boast about the features because really I have no clue. 😛

But all I can say is I am enjoying it too much. All because of my cool, red E63:- I can listen to music during the three hours I travel to college. I play too much solitaire and have a pretttty good Freecell score to boast about. I can use the internet whenever I want to. It also encourages the writer in me. I keep jotting down blog-ideas, poems and thoughts in the notes section. And hell, this is the only phone that I haven’t lost due to my absent-mindedness. (Here, I regretfully accept that I have lost phones before. How? Well, that’s another story). BTW I guard this phone with my life. And as each day passes, it is reconfirmed that this phone is “sculpted” especially for me.

And FYI, I’ve partly written this post on my phone.

Kids (by maturity level)-cum-blog mates, if you want me to tell you the story of ‘How I met my Dell’, pray that I win!  Otherwise those posts will be ending with cliffhangers until finally, due to some absolute necessity I buy a laptop for myself.

(Now imagine the theme song playing),

Signing off,

Future– Tame SheWolf


“What is so brilliant about the gadgets is their simplicity.”

~Desmond Llewelyn

P.S.:  This post is for an Indiblogger competition by Dell (Change is Easy). So kids, remember to check this site out:

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10 thoughts on “How I met my E63

  1. I was so totally knocked out by the title for a minute there. I am a crazzzzyyyy fan of HIMYM and so i totally liked this one without reading it!!! What a clever idea….and the naration was great. I actually imagined ted telling this to his kids!!! he he…Seriously each time your creativity and your writing inspires me….hats off!!! 10/10 (one extra point coz i love that soap so much)


  2. Awesome KJ!! I totally love the way you’ve narrated it….it is kinda hilarious and i enjoyed reading it…gr8 job!! 🙂


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