Die Another Day

I find myself in the eye of a storm again

Fighting it seems pointless

I am squinting to find my way out

This brief despair and astigmatism requires

Fresh perspective and lenses!

I stand alone in this choice between life and death

And somehow death seems more selfish

Hmm.. I have made my choice


I’m not the one to be driven to death

I’ve not even begun

Yes, I’ll die another day



I’m not that tragic hero,

I’m not that wounded soldier,

I’m not that beaten player,

I’m not that broken dream,

Not even that crushed petal

No, I am not that.


The spark’s still alive

The flame burns brighter with each breath

I’ll die another day




I want your thundering applause

That deafening happiness I deserve

When alone I stand tall

Screaming victory with my hands apart,

Embracing the energy thrown on me

By you,

You- who’ve seen me through it all,

Don’t need your sympathy when I fall


Is another life waiting after death?

Do I gamble these dark days for none at all?

Nah! I’ll die another day



That shower of success,

That envelope of love,

That kiss of destiny,

That cry of happiness,

Also, that song of peace

You must know, it’s not just a lucid dream


Not saying that unlike others I’ll be leaving this world alive

But I’m not done just yet

I’ll die another day

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