Hate To Tell Poorva

I am disappointed with the words she gave me

Poems are emotional, inspired and metaphoric!

So, why the fuck will I romanticize Integration sums?

She knows they make me feel sick


Hate To Tell Poorva,

I don’t understand her sudden zoological interest

In lizards and monkeys

No, I don’t know what lizards eat

Yes, Bananas do grow on trees!


Hate To Tell Poorva,

I’m not wasting my time and poems

On words like farting, constipation and vomit

So, go tell your same-feathered friends- Bharath and Komal

To lay eggs and “warm it”


Hate To Tell Poorva,

She did fuel anger in me

But, I was never daunted

Lol! For her, I even rhymed this screwed-up poetry.

Including all the silly words she wanted


But the problem is I tell Poorva everything.

Even the inconsequential stuff

Like how I didn’t use a pencil to write this crap

Like how I don’t know how to use a drum stick 

Maybe being brutally honest might just earn me her wrath!


So, I’d Hate To Tell Poorva

: // I’m doubly disappointed

Yeah man, I’d http://

(The previous version was a little nonrhythmic. so i edited it! this is the new version)


4 thoughts on “http://

  1. Ah! I came across those comments, Pranay Kaul was telling me about the banter the other day and OMG this is so AWESOME!!! HATS OFF!!! You owned them.


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