Like the flowing river

So restless to meet the ocean

I only glimpse through my world

Rushing against

Carrying with

No thought given to


Every drop splatters with screams

Laughing and joking

As they should be

I’m close to the beginning

Dreamt about it a hundred times over


My welcome- That cold, complete embrace

Ever so longed;

Infinite in time and capacity

Like a compass giving directions,

An undefined force leads me to where I belong


The journey seems longer

Panic sets in

The laugh of drops dies crying; within

The dreams sink in unknown depths; within

For the first time, it feels tiring


And suddenly I break into veins of chaos

Scavenging for the real end

My waters are led to an unnatural course

I’m holding on to see what happens next but,

No, this cannot be it!


Can there be a worse curse than

To be stuck mid-way

And not dry out?

When did I bring myself to this state?

Why doesn’t this moment pass like all others?


I think of the fountainhead-

The beginning of me

It continues to pump hope

Pushing me ahead

Melting in more force into my being


I enter thirsty lands

They’re happy to have me

And maybe, I enjoy the distraction too

But I know: this is not where I belong,

I just know!


It makes me restless

I’ve been cheated off my dream

To what seemed like it could be only mine

Rightfully mine, and only mine.

Aaaaargh! In pain, I want to scream


I am incapable of destroying myself

So, I punish others for what I lost

Innocent spectators drown in turbulent waters

They gasp as I twist and turn with rage

Everyone will be made to pay


As time passes, I mature

Into a sparkling, deep, abundant, flowing river

I’m calmer but incomplete

The journey was enriching

But it’s still unfulfilled


I sigh. Flowing dissatisfied to the end

Then, suddenly!

I feel a pull

It’s the ocean calling out for me

Waving back, smiling proudly


Yes, I’ve made it! I’ve reached!

Overjoyed, I dash forward

Showering water in gratitude

Every wave cheering me on

Oh! This is better than what I’ve dreamed


I crash into the vast ocean

Only to be bound by so much love

I’ve waited for so long..

God, so long!

And in a moment, it’s all over.



I am here!

Place: Talegaon


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