On her mind

I (Dusk)

The wind whispers behind her ears

She turns to find no one

People stare at the lost girl

Lost in her own world

She’s not looking back at anyone

She looks through them

Even her mirror complains


Oblivious to the chatter around

She is walking straight home

There is a wordless song in her heart

The birds chirp with her too

As they return to their nests, like her

Acknowledging the day that passed

With you on her mind


II (Night)

She reaches home

She has never belonged here

Goes through the routine-

Clinking vessels and buzzing TV channels

Ends up standing in her balcony

Breathing the cold loudly

The air has never been enough


The moon that watches her

Knows you too

But its mute glow on you

Reveals your smooth skin

Not her longings for you

The moon remains silent

Passively listening to her thoughts


And she doubts on such nights

Whether your existence will remain unreal,

forever trapped in her dreams?

Is the distance imaginary or you?

The darkness wraps her in sleep

Another night goes by

With you on her mind


III (Day)

Bang! She shuts the door

Walking out of her shell

To face a new day

Expecting a fairy tale

Talking gaily to everyone

Trying to pass her message on to you

Look, you crossed her mind again


She laughs at a joke

You’re smiling at the sky

The town doesn’t know you

Confined to her world, the buildings wonder if her love is hopeless or insane.

The wind that teases her touches you too

Everyone’s her witness

Except you


Her work drowns her worry

There is no hint of loneliness

If there is any pre-written beginning of your love,

She hopes you find her in this state

Tired, the day turns into dusk

Gracefully she accepts the day lost to your absence

But you relentlessly remain on her mind


IV (Dusk again)

Again, she walks back lost in a known lane

Wishing she belonged

To some place, to something, to someone

Waiting for you to turn her world upside down

The abstractness of all her feelings and desires

Scares her into a binding silence

She continues to pretend everything’s fine


Accompanied by drying hope,

She’s walking straight home

In the end, alone-time is all she needs

The dusk gives in

She settles into her routine

Waiting for the night

With you on her mind


3 thoughts on “On her mind

    1. I think this one is far better. It still panders to the wish of belonging to someone, as if the whole point of existence is to be with the one you love. As if, you can never be complete if you don’t find true love. I frankly don’t appreciate such an attitude, I like fiery independence.

      But, this poem embodies maturity. It speaks of longing, but it doesn’t damn you to it. There is no despair here, but there is a lot of hope. Hope, founded on the existence of someone out there who might never actually turn up, but hope nevertheless. And I think that’s why this poem is better, it talks about the mundane and tedious task of waiting it out and seeing the years pass you by as you get closer to what you yearn for. It talks of a day and a half in the life of someone who is steadily working towards their aspiration, without really trying to hurry up time.

      She thinks of it (or him) and she desires it (or him) a lot, but she also understands that there is a definite need to be patient as well. So that she doesn’t mess it up in haste. In the other poem, there’s desperation, there’s rebellion and eventual dying out of the fire within, under the onslaught of time and fatigue. However, here there is no such thing. The fire is there. It is not a flame yet, but small spark that keeps glowing like the ember that remains after a camp-fire has gone out, waiting for that gust of wind to re-kindle it.

      Really beautiful message there. Thank you.


  1. How do you manage to write so beautifully in so less time, marvelous!!! way to go girl, just awesome!!!!!! Love this one.


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