Get some handcuffs

Cuff me with my dreams

They make me work too hard

And I want to leave

I can’t feel them driving me anymore

They jumped off without letting me know



Don’t look at me hopefully

I realized I will never change

And you never told me dreams were high-maintenance



Deep down, I just want to run away

Might as well leave right now with everyone to busy to come in my way

Wish y’all bloody well

To my misery, I bid you farewell!




Get me a blindfold

Blind me with faith

To carry on further,

I need to believe in love and fate

‘coz I don’t trust anything nowadays

I’ve labeled each inspiration as an “unreasonable craze”



Don’t cry over spilt milk

I realized I will never change

And you always promised there would be no more pain





I am tired of waiting

Of watching your tired smiles

Tired of monotony and the rules

I’m lost without a map in hand

I don’t think it’d be of much help anyway

I can see no other way

You will realize that there was nothing else I could do





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