Missing you…

I guess it had to happen.

But you didn’t see it coming

I was selfish and angry, I agree. I was wrong.

You thought it was a joke.

When it finally sunk in, it was too late for both of us.


I have to lose that temptation of calling you when alone

Or bored for that matter

What makes me happy is to think

That you have someone to fall back on

That only I asked for loneliness in the bargain.


One confession- I don’t think of you at all

It’s a new life without you.

But I’m still crossing my fingers hoping no girl has replaced me.

Not even her.

Because no guy took your place, and never will; I promise!


I miss you only when I am talking to you

Exchanging unnecessary pleasantries

And your uninformative updates.

I miss what I lost

You understand that?


I miss you when I hear you laugh.

It’s still the same- childish!

It rings in this warm nostalgia that stays with me

Even after the phone is down

And every time, I smile in reply to that feeling.


I miss you when I’m unaware of the little moments of your day

Now whenever I ask you- ‘How’s life?’

You are forced to keep quiet and turn the topic.

Ha, I know your life revolves around her now!

I am sorry for this- your silly guilt.


I hope you are not bitter ‘Cause I’m not!

I don’t want to come back

I feel no need to repair what isn’t broken.

I don’t regret what has happened.

And even you shouldn’t.


Remember I told you how I think goodbyes should be gradual.

I can feel the end coming now, creeping in slowly

There’s something we’ve taken from each other

Just keep that safely, alright?

Yeha, I miss you now.



4 thoughts on “Missing you…

  1. Truthfully,Not a big fan of the first few lines…but then from the second para(or verse ?)I loved it,I agree with Anprabhu,You are gifted 🙂


  2. Not as bad as you think it to be btw!! still not ur best, don’t write on LUV-SHUV se DUKHIYARI aatma waali poems, der are many pple to write dat on, represent the other malices of life, like ur INNER VOICE wali poem! its the kind that suits your writing!! think offbeat, we are good at that aren’t we???

    Liked by 1 person

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