Breath Bat

My friend- The logical mess

The moral bully

The in-forever-the-same-mood

The Usher fan! Err…

Yeha, alright; you could call him “good”


He doesn’t mind that I didn’t write him a New Year dedication

He might not care about this poem too!

You see, he is passionately indifferent to all things breathing.

Man of science, I tell you

But his silence caused more guilt in me than his noisy sarcasm could.


So here’s my attempt at a dedication again

To pacify a storm that might not even rain

Keeping a promise with the hope it doesn’t go in vain

To take his heart inside out and make him writhe in joyful pain

So that the pricking guilt runs away keeping me sane


So rhyming no more,

About him I’ll say- He bullies me blue

And when I talk, I wonder,

The look he’s giving me is disapproving or amused?

In anticipation, I wait to see him become the success he’s destined for.


I know him no better than you do

But, all I can say is that his genius is true

So, this one’s for my friend-

Who can’t care less

Who won’t worry me more


But, who just might be smiling right now!

[He better!]




(To readers who might not know:

The poem is titled Breath Bat  because the name of my friend sounds that way! Somewhat similar!)


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