J.K Rowling V/S Stephenie Meyer


“The true function of a writer is to produce a masterpiece and no other task is of any consequence.”

— Cyril Connolly

Let me make it clear in the beginning itself– J. K Rowling wins undoubtedly.

[I’ve read both the hit series so I am capable of unbiased judgment.]

The Harry Potter Series (HPS) is the book of the millennium! The following is the argument supporting this stance:

Story line-

The Twilight Saga (TS) is so lame. It might have just been labeled a palatable blend of Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella, if it was not so over-rated. By Beauty and the Beast, I mean to say, the imagined fairy-tale of most guys- ‘being made gentlemen from beasts after the love spell binds them!’ By Cinderella- do I even have to explain? – I mean, the imagined fairy-tale of most girls- ‘being so imperfect and finding unconditional love in the form of perfect princely men’. I repeat, So Lame! TS is such a masochistic story. Crazy readers just keep dwelling into the love-problems of a non-existent vampire and that awkward girl. 😦

In HPS, the story is compelling. It has many layers. There’s the main plot with interesting and intricate sub-plots. In the end of the seventh book it all comes together so beautifully. My only disappointment was Harry Potter’s love-story and the name of his three kids. C’mon yar, you have to agree, that was a convenient wrap-up! Nothing exciting about it!


Twilight- 3/5

Harry Potter- 4.8/5 [Only because the hero HP didn’t get a nice love-story]



In TS, there were no amazing characters other than Edward. The whole story is over-shadowed by Edward’s perfection and dizzy romance. Jacob has that “Awww-factor”; only pity makes him so popular with girls.

In HPS, there are many interesting characters. I love Neville Longbottom’s character very much. I felt so happy for him when he gets his revenge against Voldemort in the end. Hermione and Ron’s bickering is fun to read. As individual characters, both of them stand out with Harry. The sudden twist in Snape’s character in the latter part of the book was such a refreshing change.  Sirius Black has such an endearing relationship with Harry. Each time I read the book; I used to wait for Dumbledore and his pearls of witty wisdom. Also, every time the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher used to change, they were all replaced by someone better. To name other awesome character with beautiful individual shades- Hagrid, Malfoy, Cedric Diggory, Weasley twins, Prof.  McGonagall, Lupin etc. etc.


Twilight- 3/5 [All earned only by Edward btw!]

Harry Potter- 5/5



TS created an upsurge of crappy romances. The plot was so unimaginative and one-tracked. But I’d still like to give credit to the writer for exploring the dark romance, making it believable and connecting the audience.

At a seminar, a Final-Year literature student noted that the HPS can be read as a subversive text. The whole plot makes subtle comments on the political system (Ministry of Magic), war, media, religious and superstitious beliefs, psychological study of the characters, relationships, minority rights, exploitation etc. The philosophy in the dialogues in each of the book  is preached so beautifully!! So, don’t be surprised if it is introduced in the syllabus!

If you missed reading the HPS, you’ve missed experiencing an amazing world. It is an alternate world in itself, an escape!


Twilight- 3.5/5

Harry Potter- 5/5


I think the parodies of the TS are better. Okay, I’m just being mean and biased. There are few scenes in the movies that are engaging to watch. The intensity of the romance may be addictive to some people. I agree.

Harry Potter, I love each movie. People complain that the script of the movie edits out some good scenes in the original book. But I think it’s only fair. It is the creative interpretation of the director and to showcase the intricate world of Magic is a feat in itself. Anyway, it does not violate Rowling’s copyright so I’m more than happy and really, there’s no need to be spoil-sports.


I promise myself one thing- that I’ll buy the whole original HPS (both books and DVDs) for my personal collection just for myself. I promise to re-read it and re-watch it to keep the fan-madness alive.


Twilight- 4/5

Harry Potter- 5/5


Fan madness-

Sometimes I can’t believe TS is such a rage. How dumb! But then I look at Robert Pattison and read Edward… I know why. The best line that came up from the mad fan craze was– ‘Forget Romeo, I want my Edward’

If you remember being a 10 year-old, you cannot forget how the story captured your imagination. It was not a kid’s book at all. Each book was priced above Rs. 700/-. It was a roller-coaster ride to get the book first and know what happens next before everyone. Kids looked adorable in round-framed glasses! Without embarrassment I’ll accept that I have a wand and used to practice spells with it (Wingardium Leviosa!!! 😛) I prayed every night that Hagrid would come to take me too, to Hogwarts.   Even I was ten like Harry Potter when I first read it! It caught my imagination and mesmerized me. Harry Potter is my childhood. Each of the seven books created the same thrill. Each movie still does.


Twilight- 4/5 [over-rated]

Harry Potter- 5/5


Why Harry Potter actually wins for me? Because it is a British franchise! (Only kidding!)

I rest my case.

Once a HP fan, always a HP fan,

Signing off,

Tame SheWolf


“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”

~J.K. Rowling, (Albus Dumbledore)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


My Favorite Book in the HP Series:

Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows


10 thoughts on “J.K Rowling V/S Stephenie Meyer

  1. Stephenie Meyer tries hard to be J.K. Rowling in her whole Twilight Saga, but ends up being fooled up…Her book and movie New Moon didn’t have anything related to the hype of the title. The end was a bit submerged and unexpected. HP kept me curious while Twilight left me speechless[for damn obvious reasons]. Way nice comparison! Well, fan madness for TS shouldn’t get a 4.5. 3 is ok considering the fact that RP[R.I.P pattison] handles the whole plot [in all the films] evenhandedly. Jacob is useless through out the film and the book too.

    Still,like that post! \m/\m/


  2. I so agree with Veena. Amazing post!
    I loved it so much because –
    Harry Potter wins in the end 😀
    I did read both, was briefly smitten with TS, moved on, but always worshipped Rowling. She is so SMART!
    And apparently, HP is a rip off of LOTR. Waiting for you to compare the two. (Too lazy to read LOTR)


    1. oh i’d love to do that.. i got myself LOTR 3 in 1 edition. thanks for your suggestions and comments, I always look forward to it. they have always been logical. Keep reading and commenting!


  3. I really like the post. Where Twilight is a ok one time read, HP can be uncovered in hundreds of depths with every re-read.

    Also another point to JKR? SHe has good English. The language, vocabulary and grammar in TS is horrendous.


  4. I’ve read both the hit series so I am capable of unbiased judgment.

    Hahahaha! This made me laugh out loud! Unbiased judgement indeed 😀

    I really liked HP, but after book 3, it became more of a love story than a fantasy series. There was so little in the way of magic and discovery, but far too much teenage romance. I think that’s because JKR’s story grew with the readers and reflects the changes in them too. That’s perhaps why this series is so popular among that generation.

    However, to say that HP is the book of the millennium, would be a little far-fetched. JKR is not really that great a composer of prose. She was imaginative and fantastic with her story, but she didn’t weave any magic with words, if you know what I mean.

    Having said that, a comparison of Twilight and HP is unfair. Twilight is nowhere close to the brilliance of HP. Twilight doesn’t even have a proper plot and everything is just added on as and when required. Even the back stories don’t make sense. While in HP, JKR has attempted to explain time travel (through Harry’s patronus in book 3) and has succeeded in doing that!

    I know that by now you’re irritated with me for commenting on this old post, but I just couldn’t resist 😛

    Also, my favorite books are:
    1. HP and the philosopher’s stone
    2. HP and the prisoner of Azkaban
    3. HP and the chamber of secrets

    I don’t like the rest of the books so much.


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