Mother Earth

(Wrote it for a competition..
I’m not interested in writing on such lame topics otherwise. Imagine, you gather the youth from all colleges in the city and what topic you want them to write on is Mother Earth. Really?! 😐
we’re propagating the environmentalist’s agenda.. for free!
About the competition, .. didn’t win!
Yeha, whatever! )


She is as old as time, I guess
Or was she born later? I am not sure
She watched me grow, I know
And was also the caretaker of my forefathers
But is she immortal?
As an earthling, you are stunned by her elegance
You’ve adorned her with your concrete dreams in praise
You reshape her with your visions while alive
In death, your ashes embrace her gladly, leaving no trace
Is she immortal unlike you?
She dances around the sun, whilst you reap her gifts
She finds joy in giving but she didn’t foresee your greed
Taking her for granted, you’ve exploited her too much
You don’t know where your careless actions may lead
Do you still believe she is immortal?
You, her child, seem to know her very well,
You’ve escaped her violent whims for now
But watch her stoic endurance turn into fierce impatience
If you feel indifferent to her pain,
I ask you this again- Is she really immortal?
Is she immortal? Don’t you second-guess!
Don’t risk time and wait for an answer
Help her selfishly; Remember, if she falls, you fall too!
In mute eloquence she has called for you already
Can’t you hear her scream, “Save Me!”?

5 thoughts on “Mother Earth

  1. Love the poem, but I don’t think that as humans we are capable of destroying Earth. Sure, we might be able to wipe out all life and especially the human civilization, but the planet itself will survive our onslaught, at least with the technology that we currently have.


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