Friends I can’t wait to meet


A single rose can be my garden… a single friend, my world.
Leo Buscaglia 
See, I really don’t know whether you dream as much as me or make silly lists like these. One of my many eccentricities is to daydream of my future life- what will be nice to have or not have… So, I have this list of types of friends I would love to have who’d add to the colors of my life.
Have fun reading!

One Joey or Barney please!
When I see shows like ‘Friends’ or ‘How I met your mother’, I really wonder whether it is possible to be such a womanizer and still be so loyal to friends. If it is possible, dear Fate/Destiny/to whomsoever it may concern, please send one such character in my life too! Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a narcissist friend who wears a suit the whole time and has his own code of  love and life; or a good-looking guy who is your buddy cum neighbor whose pick up line is– how you doin’? If that is not possible, any adorable sitcom character would do and by that I mean someone who can make a tragedy seem like a soulful comedy.

Total entertainer, totally mine!
This friend is going to be the person who is living my dreams (tattoo and all). Some of this friend’s virtues are hysterically funny, brave-heart, wild but moral, lives life according to his/her own rules, an intelligent rebel full of stories, full of life! With whom I can argue ideas and debate on anything under the sun. This friend will take me to crazy places and make me do things I’ll otherwise never do. In short, be a validation to break some of my own rules.

Silent loyalist is a must!
This is my favorite friend! A well-read friend, a rational and liberal philosopher with whom you can talk, talk and talk endlessly. This person looks out/ watches over me without being ‘blah blah’ about it. S/he listens to all the crap I have to say patiently, advises me, is always there and knows me more than I do [which is actually not possible, but we’ll give it a try! :P]

Gay friend- need I say more!
I am so tired of all my guy-friends talking about the kind of girls they’d want or sharing a quiet smile after watching a good-looking girl pass. REALLY FED UP of it!! When I tell them about some cute guy I came across they look so disinterested, label me horny and shut me up. That is so unfair! So I want a gay friend for the sole reason that we can sit together and discuss, rate or damn men! You might think that it is so lame of me, but just imagine the conversations we’ll be having! Ha! It would be so much fun.  😀 [There’s no harm in day-dreaming, right?]

The other half — Needed soon!
By ‘the other half’ I don’t mean the ‘the better half’. This other half is actually my work-place mate who is super-awesome in his/her work. We make a great team when we work together. This helps in improving our work-efficiency and productivity. The advantage is that there’s always an inspiration, and a pal to always fall back on!

Also, one Hindi genius wanted!
Eloquence in any language amuses me. Since I don’t know Urdu and my French will never be as fluent as I wish it would be, I think I’ll settle for Hindi. Hindi is definitely a beautiful language. Poems written in Hindi are so descriptive, metaphoric, easily related to. English songs can never compare to its richness. So I want a Hindi poet or writer as my friend so that his genius rubs off me. 😉  While talking maybe he can quote some Hindi sayings and write beautiful poems, stories and songs of his own which, by the way, he makes me read first!

Mentor- everyone needs one!
I need a mentor. A mentor for me is someone in my field who I respect deeply and who can review my work critically. Someone who can always inspire me to do better and keep me on track!

Of course, MY SOUL MATE.
I’m keeping this without description for the sake of my own sanity!
See, I’ve given so many selfish, funny, dismissible reasons about why I want these friends; but when and if these guys come into my life, I wish I fill in some of the categories they have made for a girl like me. I am also hoping these friendships, diverse they may be, will last and have their own impressions on me as a person. You know, in this list I would have added one more type– a friend who is “Exactly like me” but then who needs a cranky girlfriend who needs reassurance all the time!
That’s all folks!
Signing off,
Tame SheWolf

“In dreams, we enter a world that’s entirely our own
–Steven Kloves, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (movie)

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