Remember Me!


Remember Me

“The fact is I am going to die of old-age at 25!”
— Tame SheWolf

See, I already have gray hair. So dying at 25 of old-age is not impossible. And to top that my maturity is sucking out my youth like some leech. I’ll also blame cowardice. You know, I am eighteen and bloody I’ve not done even one thing that I can label as ‘wild’. When you’re old, you actually can’t change your basic personality; that is why I am going to remain this bored old woman- with too many insignificant incomprehensible rants which I’ll always force down your throat- FOREVER! God, you can picture that, can’t you?

Not that I pray, but I always ask god to kill me off if there’s nothing worthwhile for me to do in this life-time. Why live through the whole agony of being mediocre all your life? Ayn Rand, my favorite author, says that the reason of living should be life alone; the fact that you’re alive, that existence exists. But I still can’t wholly comprehend this sentence. So you’ll find me cowardly contemplating-never doing it actually- suicide every time I’m faced with some mountain of hurdles in life. Anyway, the whole ado is that I have come with nice subtitles to come under my name on the grave-stone. It is in the lines of Harry Potter being called the “the boy who lived”. Don’t get angry! I just did this for some masochistic fun and was not in the philosophical mood to discuss life and death. It is really funny actually. There are 17 titles (that you could add in my obituary) because I was born on the seventeenth!!!

 No, actually it was just a coincidence K

So, here goes:
The girl who wrote
The girl who didn’t care enough
The girl who knew too much too soon
The girl who was always a misfit
The girl who runs in circles
The girl who tried hard to joke
The girl who believed in ideals
The girl who never cried… (At least not in front of a guy)! J
The girl with no tattoo L
The girl who spoke too much
The girl who seeks constant approval
The cynical optimist
The girl full of contradictions
The girl who judges unapologetically
The girl who is hopelessly romantic
The girl who prefers being called a woman
The Tame SheWolf
That’s all kids,
Signing off,
Tame SheWolf
What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

P.S.: You must be wondering what Robert Pattinson’s photo is doing in this blog. Actually, I loved his movie titled ‘Remember Me’… and this is my blog, I can do anything!!!

6 thoughts on “Remember Me!

  1. so dear.. i like your writing style.. it is pretty terse and direct. But i have to say something about the if you allow me to.. promising me that you will take it in good spirit


  2. it was pakao in the start bt i jst lovd the end and i knw u dnt reply to my comments more and commentin on my blog is somthin u never do…bt still…..and ha the tatoo thing miss. kajol obessed wit tatoos bt never got one evn wen her frnd supportd her to the core…!!! ill get u 1 wen u sleep mind it..lov u!!1

    Liked by 1 person

  3. No, actually it was just a coincidence

    Hahahaha! But then, it’s actually such an amazing coincidence. If you had consciously made the effort to write down 17 epitaphs for yourself, that would not have been so special as it happening on its own. Perhaps the universe is trying to say something.

    (On second thoughts, it isn’t trying to say anything)


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