Right, Wrong and the Thin Line dividing them


Right, Wrong and the Thin Line dividing them

“By the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he’s wrong!”
— Charles Wadsworth
Touchy topic! I’ve never been able to dig deeper. The more I think about it, the further I am from drawing any conclusion. This is ‘the debate’ of my life. Every moment, every difficulty, at every step I’m trying to distinguish what is wrong and what is right. I’ve never known when I’m right. The diplomatic conclusion is ‘It depends on how you look at it; depends on the frame of reference!’
In this blog-piece, I’m neither defining the dividing line nor am I trying to prove any point. I’m only elaborating on ‘the frame of reference’ and recalling my mini-battles with the right and the wrong. It may seem insignificant, on-the-surface approach to a profound topic. But hey, what do you expect? I’ve only lived for 17 years and 11 months!
[A subtle reminder of my birthday that’s coming up!]
See, like I’ve said before, we are all grey. If devils don’t exist, then even angels don’t. If we as humans are capable of the worst of sins, we are also capable of the greatest of deeds. It is all a matter of choice. Who we choose to become? What we choose to do in the circumstances? On the same lines, it is fallacious of us to impose our ‘value system’ on someone else. How can we expect the poor to live when they barely survive? How can we detest eunuchs for begging when we, as a society, are prejudiced and do not give them an equal chance to grow? If anyone rises above such conditions, then it is a story to be told, a human victory to be celebrated.
I’m a repeat offender of dumping my principles on friends and people in general. The two things I feel are unforgivable and how people blur the dividing line:-
Liars and lying:
Once a liar, always a liar. Lying becomes a dirty habit that is hard to get rid of. I hate liars. If I realize someone is lying to me on my face, s/he only earns my silent wrath. My only reaction if someone lies to me is- ‘Why do you have to lie to me? What will I uproot if you tell me the truth?’ If you can’t tell the truth, then avoid the topic but don’t lie…
BLURRING THE LINE: ‘White lies’ are kind of tricky.
Cheaters and cheating:
I’m guilty. I never cheated but I was part of it. In my defense, it was a fad in school and cheaters are excellent emotional blackmailers. That doesn’t make me any better, so I should not justify it. [Damn, I hate myself for being so naïve!] For humor’s sake, let me add that, I was caught once too. Since then, I hate cheaters and cheating. It is not justified!
BLURRING THE LINE: Cheating is no more a grave offence. We’ve accepted it as part of the education system.
Honesty is not dead for me. I respect this virtue the most. It may tend to be a problem, but it’s the only solution. So that is me dumping my idea of right and wrong on people.
There are some things ‘wrong’ that I have come to accept as ‘right.’ My mom is totally against me watching TV or chatting with friends till the weird hours of morning but I, in my natural instincts to act rebellious, have never complied with such stupid rules. Playing of songs in a disturbingly loud volume is bad but I disagree saying that I’m trying to develop a taste of good music in the neighborhood. Jokes apart, I have learnt to ‘not judge’ smokers as long as they don’t puff out smoke on my face. I appreciate the audacity of female smokers. I’m not endorsing the habit of smoking. If I can, I always will encourage someone to quit such vices.
Speaking as a writer, there will be no strong characters if it wasn’t for the grey shades. No messed-up past, no inner battles, no feeling of passionate revenge… then where is the story, guys? I really like the idea of the flawed hero who gets it right in the end or the aggressive female lead who wants to get even or the reason why the villain becomes the villain! So does that make flaws good? Is revenge necessary? Does that justify the wrong things? Don’t ask me, I’m still figuring out. I guess that’s what makes life so interesting- the stories that are woven with all of us playing our part. In reality, we never know the bigger picture and it is not as dramatic either!

Stuck in the vicious cycle,
Signing off,
Tame She Wolf

“Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity, nothing exceeds the criticisms made of the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well-warmed, and well-fed.”
— Herman Melville

P.S.: The other debate of my life is ‘Man v/s Woman- Who is better?’ This one is for pure fun! I keep scores; my every experience with both men and women counts. Obviously, there’s no conclusion. Though I keep points for this debate, it is actually pointless! But if there is any close to this one, girls will win! Hands down! 😀 

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