A Blank Page


I wonder why life goes so slow,
Second by second, moment by moment
It drags along but it hits you hard.
I never realize what it wants to say, what it all meant.
I’m trying too hard to grasp its meaning
Word by word, line by line
I’m intoxicated by its power, feel insignificant
It has taken over me just like wine.
What difference does it make where I was born?
Here or there, there or here?
I bet nothing would go wrong; no one would notice.
But, why live with these doubts, this fear?
I, a nobody, therefore conclude that
Time after time, age after age
Our reason for living would be the same,
To leave imprints on a blank page…
To change, to be better, to create, to ‘live’ the joke—our lives!
To breathe, to feel, to touch hearts, to reach the skies!
To love and be loved, to laugh and cry, to float, to soar
All this, merely so that the blank page won’t be blank anymore!

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