Corrupting My Language


Corrupting My Language
“Disclaimer: I have nothing against my friends who type exactly the way mentioned below. I am not hoping that you change for me. The views expressed in this blog-piece are mine and mine alone. There was no intention of hurting any sentiments but if I did then, gosh, that’s successful writing!”
I didn’t realize I have such strong opinions about the ‘SMS language’ until recently.  I am not against it honestly. It’s our way of expression. But there are things I like and don’t like.
Emoticons are totally cool! It’s fun to read a colorful message. They express your mood without you having to type it down. It is my savior. That’s because I can always add an emoticon [eg.  :P] after writing a cuss word or passing a sarcastic comment to suggest that it was all meant in a good way! 😉

Short forms like TTYL, GN, GM, TC, FYI, BDW, OMG etc. are also really helpful. Obviously you wouldn’t write these phrases down every time while chit-chatting. Oh! I forgot to add WTH or WTF (Which ever you prefer!) on the list.
But what we tend to forget- and I’m here to remind- that short forms does not mean shortening spellings. I hate it when ‘sum ppl rite msgs lyk dis, k?!!’ I loathe it. But I know this trend will not fade away anytime soon because the message is passed across without any misunderstanding. I have one argument though. Use of ‘gt’ can mean both ‘get’ and ‘got’ and technically ‘g’ gives out the sound “guh” or “juh” depending on  which alphabet it precedes (Eg: Gigantic). So ‘gt’ should give be pronounced as “guh-t” not ‘got’! But like I said, who cares as long as the message is passed across? My argument goes DOWN in the drain. To add to that some hindi words are also spelt really badly in English. I’m no good in hindi but I’ll still give you an example:
The way it is written [misinterpreted by me]: chod yar, me nai ja rahe hu!
The correct version [according to me]:  chhod yar, main nahi jaa rahi hoon!
See!!!! Please sympathize with me, guys!
I don’t mind people using ‘2’ in place of words like ‘to’ or ‘too.’ The sound remains the same. I appreciate the creativity in mixing letters and numbers together to make the word meaningful. I can only think of two examples for now- Gr8 (great) and 5n (fine). It is frustrating only when it doesn’t make sense. ‘F9’ in no way gives the same sound as ‘fine.’  It becomes fuh-nine!
I also understand the need to add ‘’ It expresses pauses in thought or speech. Many authors use it too. It is English-approved. But what the fuck is ‘………………..’?? Blank thought for more than a minute or do you enjoy pressing the button so much?!
Due to the SMS revolution, we have forgotten some basic grammar and punctuation rules. Have you ever seen a correctly punctuated SMS? Rarely! Let me bring to your notice that there is no independent word such as ‘cant’ or ‘wont’ or ‘dont’. These words are meaningless without an apostrophe. I already have had a great discussion with my friends on the difference between “y’all” (you all) and “u’ll” (you will) and I’m lucky enough to have a decent number of supporters on that one!
However, it does not mean that I haven’t made my share of blunders. I had this obsessive habit of fitting in ‘GN TC’ in the end of every message even if I intended to chat further.  It was as if I was adding ‘OVER’ after finishing my sentence while speaking into a walkie-talkie. I was scolded and made to realize that ‘GN TC’ is used to conclude the chat just like saying ‘bye’ before ending a telephonic conversation. I have learnt my ‘mobile manners.’
In any case, I will surely rebel if exams start allowing the use of SMS language for solving papers. I’ll leave you on that bitter note.  
😉 GN TC,
Signing off,
Tame She Wolf
“Man does not live by words alone, despite the fact that sometimes he has to eat them.”
— Adlai Stevenson
P.S: I realized I used a lot of bad language this time. Well, that’s how angry I get! Be forewarned.


5 thoughts on “Corrupting My Language

  1. nice one….and you use bad language now and then …so it's ok if you don't forewarn..(i had so much problem in writing this above sentence in complete words..i will suerly try to write full words wherever possible…;))


  2. i didn't like you abusing on your blog Kajol !! Please avoid doing that !! Otherwise it is good. Now i know why u write full words for all your messages !! hehe-AGI


  3. Hello! I know it’s been a while and all, but I just wanted to point this out –

    Let me bring to your notice that there is no independent word such as ‘cant’ or ‘wont’ or ‘dont’.

    Both cant and wont are proper words. Cant is hypocritical talk and wont is one’s customary behaviour.

    I agree with your post. My policy is to shorten the words if it saves time and effort or both, but not otherwise.


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