Suicide- The Best Option??


Suicide- The Best Option??

Life is what you have while you are waiting to have one”
— Anonymous

Articles on student suicides in newspapers make for a pathetic read. I don’t like to feel pity. According to me, no one deserves that. I can empathize not sympathize. The reasons for suicide can be varied (debt, unsuccessful love, child death, failure in career, depression or just plain exhaustion from keeping up with life…). But why call it quits? Is it really the best option? Is it the only way out?

At some level, I can relate to a student suicide. Maybe I know what drives a teenager to such an extreme step. Or maybe I can only imagine! Being an adolescent is not as easy as we pretend it is. This is my overview of a person, like you and me. the difference between us is that he has decided to die.

“He dreams. But he has to live someone else’s dream. He knows he is good, but he tries to fit it in the frame the world has created. He changes himself to be one of them because that is easier than being himself and putting himself up against the world. He kills the flame inside him to join the darkness of the majority. Because somewhere it seems right, somewhere he doesn’t trust himself anymore. People tell him, ‘It’s your life. Do what you want.’ But he knows he is answerable to them anyway. It has always been our life than his life alone. He wonders about what life would be where he would calls the shots. He was not optimistic about it again. Will the world respect him if he scores less than the best? Will he get a job? Will he be able to face everyone who expects too much of him when he fails to do both? The people around him love him and dream for him but do they listen to what he says, listen to his dreams. Probably. But they definitely force him to be realistic about it. Since when were dreams supposed to be realistic?

Good for him though, he is talented. What if you didn’t have those abilities that the world thinks of as talent? Is being a good human being enough to live happily? Is a good person allowed to live? He is tired now. The questions are too many and the answers are lies. After all the time he has lived someone else’s life, someone else’s dreams, questioned himself, he decides to put his foot down to choose the best option out of this farce. He makes one selfish decision. He decides to die. And still on his suicide note, he scribbles an apology!”

I wondered why is it important to choose life over death? What difference does it make? Nobody except his immediate family would have cared much, with time even their wounds will heal. The society would gossip, pity and move on. Then why exist when you could never live? Does that make cowards of us? We, who have learn to accept and live like robots. Does that make him stronger to have killed himself? Would we let a person like him live the way he wanted? Are we hypocrites then to pity him?  Are we somewhere to blame ourselves for his death? What makes life worth living? The answer was not easy to find. Or maybe I was not ready to accept the clichéd answers. I had to come up with the explanation myself. I was convinced that death was a respectable option, something you chose for yourself. Better than living the monotonous life dragging on every second and killing your spirit. Isn’t it better to choose to liberate yourself from all the pressures?

Here I found my answer. Suicide is not liberation, it is destruction. The apology is not victory [because no one can fight you back when you die], it’s a confession. You should not let fate drive you to the extremes. Also like I said before, it is our choice. We choose to live or die. We choose to be the master of circumstances or its victim. We never realize it is easier to be ourselves than wear the cloak of something we are not. All it needs to stand up for yourself is – Courage! The Courage to accept what happened until now was wrong. The Courage, and the will, to change that. The Courage to face the new challenges this change will bring with it. Every moment is worth fighting for, worth living if and only if you live it for You!

The answer to such huge questions was shorter than I expected. But I have never been more sure about it than now!

For those in the verge of self-destruct, I hope I convinced you like I did to me. I hope you re-think, re-new your hope, re-ignite the flame in you once again and choose to live with courage. Because your life, is more precious than you think it is. The only reason you don’t know it yet, is because you’ve never lived it to the fullest!

With faith in the reason for living,
Signing off,
Tame She Wolf


“There is no refuge from confession but suicide; and suicide is confession.”
— Daniel Webster

7 thoughts on “Suicide- The Best Option??

  1. This is your best post till now!!It purely reflects ur strong ideology and a different but the right way of looking up at things…Till now whenever i read abt suicides,i just thought ppl need to be optimistic to face life and get through and hard times.But, never thought what if everything goes wrong!!Well, now i think this is the perfect answer to the question…"what it takes to face life and avoid suicides???"Its not just Optimism…its more of courage thats needed!!Hats off To u…!

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  2. i faltered a little in the beginning with the grammar and all.. but i don't want to change the posting date.. so i'm not going to correct it.forgive me.. next time a little less errors are promised!


  3. After all the time he has lived someone else’s life, someone else’s dreams, questioned himself, he decides to put his foot down to choose the best option out of this farce. He makes one selfish decision. He decides to die. And still on his suicide note, he scribbles an apology!



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