Why I love Shahrukh Khan
I  need  bodyguards  to  make  sure  I  don’t  hug  everyone  I  see  around me. I  can  be  very  crushing  with  love  to  my  fans. Its  to  protect them.. ..ha ha!”
Shahrukh  Khan  😉
I’ve  been  a  Shahrukh  Khan  fan  as  long  as  I can  remember.  My  first movie  in  a  theatre  was  ‘Kuch  Kuch  Hota  Hai.’  Since  then  SRK  has   never disappointed   me. I really  have  not  caught  up with  his  old  movies  though.  
I  love  Shahrukh  Khan  for  his  wit  and  charm.  He  is  extremely  intelligent and  forever  entertaining.  I  love  reading  his  interviews.  Even  his  casual remarks  amuse  me.  So  you  can  only  imagine  how  much  I  love  him  on twitter.  I  love  reading  him,  watching  him,  listening  to  him.  His  sense  of humor  is  amazingly  wicked  and  sarcastic.  He  is  my  mood  controller.  If  I am  sad, I  just  have  to  watch  Shahrukh  Khan  and  I’m  normal  and  giggly  again.  If   I’m  not  able  to  catch  his  shows  or  films,  I  get  really angry  and  am  rude  to  people  for  no  reason.  Shahrukh  Khan  can  make me  cry  too.  I  can  cry  with  the  same  intensity  even  now  when  I  watch ‘Kal  Ho  Na  Ho.’  That  is  the  reason  I  don’t  go  to  watch  Shahrukh  movies with  anyone.  Watching  SRK  is  private  and  I  hate  anyone  seeing  me  cry [Crying  means  losing  control  and  I  hate  losing  control].  So  that’s  how SRK  controls  me.
I  love  his  dimples. But  more  than  looks  I  love  the  way  he’s  so  young  and mad  and  witty.  Shahrukh  is  a  sure  shot  on  success.  Even  if  he  sports  a crappy  brand,  the  brand  will  still  make  money. That  even  his  critics  have  to  agree  with. I  love  it  when  he  does  voiceovers  or  hosts  shows.  I  love  to  see  him  in  new  classy  advertisements.  I  definitely  don’t  think  Shahrukh  Khan  is  a  bad  actor. Whatever  Shahrukh  does  automatically  becomes  my  favorite.  My  eyes  twinkle  for  him.  I’m  hopelessly  in  love.  I’m  screaming  or  blowing  flying  kisses  when  he’s  on  TV. 
Typical  teenage -ish  of me!!
I  am  completely  biased  for  Shahrukh  Khan.  I  can’t  hear  people  criticizing  him.  When  someone  does  that  to  annoy  me,  I  take  it  hard with  a  pinch  of  salt. I can  overlook  the  fact  that  Shahrukh  Khan  smokes, or  is  so  insecure  sometimes.  But  which  successful  person  doesn’t  have  some vices?  At  least  he  doesn’t  cheat  his  wife  nor  has  some  stupid  body  tattoo!
Imagine  my  state  if  I  ever  bump  into  him.  I  swear  to  god,  I’ll  have  a glimpse  of  him  from  far  and  run  in  the  opposite  direction.  It’s   so  obvious  that  I  will  feel  so  intimidated   by  him.  And  I’ll  be  smiling  like  a  jerk  the  whole  day and  maybe  write  one  more  blog  on  him.  Hahaha…  I’m  such  a  coward when  it  comes  to  interacting  with  anyone  I  admire  and  love. 😉   
Shahrukh  Khan  has  taught  me  how  important  it  is  to  speak  well,  have progressive  views  and  be  modern  but  yet  conventional.  How  religion  is  not  a  criteria  to  judge  someone  and  how  love  is  the  only  thing  that makes  the  world  go  round!!!
Quotin g  him  again , If  you  have  to  ask  what  love  is… You  will  never understand  the  meaning.  don’t  ask  or  understand… just  feel  it… and define  it  for  yourself.
 I  could  go  on  and  on  but  I  am  not  going  to  brag  too  much  today  because  everybody  rubbishes  my madness  for  Shahrukh  Khan.  And  I  don’t  want  my  craziness  to  hurt sentiments  of  people  close  to  me.  But  I  love  you  Shahrukh  and  you  are one  crush  that  would  never  fade  away! So  SRK, even   My  Name  Is  Khan, but  just  not  yet!!
Dizzy  In  love,
Signing  off,
Tame  She  Wolf!
In  the  depth  of  winter, I  finally  learnt  that  within  me  there  lay  an invincible  summer.
— tweeted by SRK, my love

6 thoughts on “Why I love SHAHRUKH KHAN…

  1. In the depth of winter, I finally learnt that within me there lay an invincible summer-Albert Camus.

    SRK’s strictly okay for me.:)
    anyhoo!may thy love blossom!:D


  2. TL;DR : I was anti-Shahrukh, but Swades and Chak De! India changed me into a Shahrukh fan.

    Since childhood, my cousins have filled me with hatred for Shahrukh Khan. They were all fans of Aamir Khan and I was expected to follow suit. And I did! What do you expect when it’s drilled into you that Aamir rocks and Shahrukh sucks?

    the hatred was so deeply rooted that I used to avoid watching Shah Rukh’s movies and loathed it when he came on screen for a commercial. I used to only drink coca cola, because that was the brand Aamir supported and never Pepsi (Shahrukh).

    My sister is a maverick though, and she’s a die-hard Shahrukh fan. She got me to watch Dil Toh Pagal Hai and I really liked the movie, thanks to Madhuri. But I still didn’t like Shahrukh (in fact, my derision grew because of his confused and weak character in the movie).

    Then after one my cousin’s wedding, my jijaji took all of us cousins for a movie. Turned out it was a Shahrukh flick, Mohabbatein. What followed was two and half hours of jeering and making fun of him when he came on screen. I actively took part in this and enjoyed it.

    But I thought that he wasn’t that bad, and I even like Mohabbatein. So later, I watched other Shahrukh movies like Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. That movie really struck a chord and I really liked how he was so effortlessly charming! Thanks to that movie, Kajol became my favorite actress for a long time, and mere khwabon mein jo aaye, my favorite song. But I still had a thing against liking Shahrukh, so I gave him my grudging admiration instead (never in public).

    Enter Swades, perhaps the defining movie of my life. The movie totally changed my attitude towards Shahrukh and a lot of other things. After watching the movie, I wanted to just get up, go to a village and help them set up a hydel power plant (notwithstanding that I hadn’t the expertise to do so). The actress Gayatri Joshi was so amazing as that elusive, witty and mischievous educated village damsel, that she became the benchmark for my girlfriend. I still love watching the movie and the romance, the feeling of patriotism (love for people, not country) and the feeling of guilt when the old woman says ‘Bijlee!‘ as her eyes lit up in the reflection of the bulb.. whoa! Gets me every time.

    Even today, when I listen to Yeh Jo Des Hai Mera, I can imagine Shahrukh struggling with homesickness in USA and I tear up. This movie put him up there with Aamir as the actors that I admired most.

    After that, came Chak De! India and damn them if someone says that Kabir Khan’s sattar minute speech didn’t give them goosebumps (despite being a rip off from a Hollywood movie almost verbatim; off topic, this is a classic case of shredded frogs in delicious meals) or that they did not feel their eyes getting wet when the boy shouts ‘gaddar!‘ atop his father’s shoulders. Or that they didn’t whoop in joy when Vidya Sharma successfully fended off the strike and saved the goal, thus giving India the world cup!

    After this I watched a lot of Shahrukh movies (all the old ones too) and in each, I found that he was the honest actor and quite charming. His acting is not phenomenal in those movies, but not for a lack of trying. In Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na, he talks about the concept of unrealized feelings (way ahead of it’s time) and yearning for someone who you’ll never get and pulls off the role amazingly well. In Kal Ho Na Ho he just breaks your heart with his never say die attitude and the truest embodiment of YOLO I have ever seen (I often try to emulate that Shahrukh). In phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani and Main Hoon Na, he entertains the hell out of you!

    I had now become a fan of Shahrukh. And after seeing him in various award shows and seeing how nice a person he is, I became an even bigger one.

    Aamir Khan is a great actor, no doubt, but I think he isn’t as great a human being as Shahrukh (personal opinion, don’t want arguments). I think Aamir is the better actor, in fact, and Shahrukh the better superstar.

    Over the past few years, Shahrukh and Aamir have both done really crappy movies and shows (Satyameva Jayate) that has caused me to lose some respect for them, but knowing that Shahrukh had always been about entertaining the masses, the respect lost for him was not so much as Aamir, who has suddenly become a self-obsessed narcissistic money-minded bastard.

    That’s my story.


    1. Wow. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your story!
      My madness has sobered down. I see him as more human, I guess. Fallible.

      But, I have this thing: I can never un-love a person I have loved. So, maybe I don’t have a giddy crush anymore, but he can still make me smile.


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