What frustrates me…


What frustrates me…
“If you’re going to act like my boss, then I’m only going to be your husband from 9 to 5!”
 – The Better Half [comic strip]
There are actually a lot of things that frustrate me! I know I am not the only one, so anyone who feels the same can vent out their anger too by reading my list of sarcasm-filled, anger-packed frustration list!
The first thing that comes to my mind is that this blog has become a virtual diary and my apprehensions have come true, i.e., ‘No one really cares about your blog!’ At first, I thought I would be writing serious things in the blog, but guess what? No one reads even my funny write-ups! I always knew that my friends would not read my blog. However, I was expecting at least one would read it. The few who read it, just read the first line of each paragraph and have conclusions to draw…

Aaaaaargh… that’s frustrating!

Frustration No. 2: While travelling when people have no basic hygiene or manners. There’s not been one day when I’ve not seen someone spit. It’s like some competition where you lose if you don’t spit every 10 minutes. The place doesn’t matter as long as it is a public place. You can be on the road, on the bus-stop, in the bus… anywhere and if you spit paan then you get bonus points for it! Spitting for uncivilized, uneducated nutcases is compulsory, win or don’t win! And the worst part, you can’t ignore them and they are immune to your disgusted, angry look!

Aaaaaargh… you have no idea how frustrating it gets!

The next thing that annoys me is that when you know someone is wrong and you swear at the person to let him know how annoyed you are and then people tell you how you were wrong in dumping your principles on him. “Chalta hai! Aisa hi hota hai! We are only teenagers, why do you behave like some adult/ book of rules?!” That’s what I got to hear! Moreover you’d like to know it’s my fault too. If you read the text attentively, my fault in this story is I SWORE!

Aaaaaaaaaargh… just realized people are good at heart, forgive their wrongs! Even if 
they don’t think they are wrong! That’s frustrating, isn’t it?

Then you are also frustrated for a moment when gadgets don’t work, the internet speed is slow, when there is nothing new in life, when TV programs bug you, when there’s no one to have a healthy fight [suddenly everyone’s so sensitive!], when you have no blog topics to write about, when you feel incompetent, when someone judges you on baseless reasons [eg. I’m not patriotic because I’m more inclined to the Western music, movies and some ideas! Yeah, I would have loved to argue over it but good sense prevailed!] Etc.

Aaaaaargh… That’s enough! I’m getting a head ache now!

You must be thinking why I didn’t mention studies. The root problem of every student’s frustration! That’s because it is a must. You can curse the education system but not education itself! The education system sucks! It’s not a surprise.
What sucks – 1. Teaching faculty (not all, but the majority); 2. Commercialized classes (totally sucks!); 3. Grading system (no uniformity); 4. Quota system(completely unfair); 5. Rote learning (testing memory or knowledge??).
Well, however and how much ever you hate the system, you have to have the Education Board’s certificate of excellence which states that you have all the talent to take in all these pressure! Crappy!

Aaaaaaaargh… I don’t want to grumble anymore, so I quit typing for now!

Totally frustrated,
Signing off,
Tame She Wolf

“The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe.”
— Friedrich Nietzsche

2 thoughts on “What frustrates me…

  1. You know what frustrates me? When people tend to take things too seriously and make everything a formality. When everything becomes an obligation. As if it is not possible for someone do something nice without expecting something in return.

    Aaaaaaaaaargh… you have no idea how frustrating it gets!

    Also this whole thing about drawing boundaries based on time. ‘Oh you’ve only known me for 2 months, you’re only allowed to show affection in these many ways.’

    Aaaaaaaaaargh… just realized how people can get so stuck up sometimes!

    Then there’s this whole aspect of playing hard-to-get. Why do people do that? What purpose does it serve? Someone is trying to make you happy and please you and you diss him, because.. ‘just’!

    Aaaaaaaaaargh… that’s enough! I’m getting a head ache now!

    You must be thinking why I don’t speak to these people and tell them about these traits of theirs? Well, I do! But they’re just too stubborn. They don’t listen. They just give you an unsympathetic ear and then go about their business, leaving you to mull over it and sulk. Then they’ll just try to act all sweet and expect that everything will be okay..

    Aaaaaaaargh… I don’t want to grumble anymore, so I quit typing for now!

    So why love anything? – Vampire Weekend


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