So I guess I’ve had 313 pretty good days this year. As usual, the mondays sucked
        Garfield, the sarcastic cat we love

Hey guys,
It’s New Year! Everybody’s excited, so am I!
2010 [twenty- ten] even sounds nice!

However, frankly speaking, 2009 sucked! I would place it in my “I would like to forget…” list. The worst part of the year… Don’t even want to think about it! My year 2009 was filled with innumerable helpless, hopeless, and sick moments! And in hindsight, it wasn’t that great for the world either; with all that unproductive climate talk, great recession and the countless terror attacks. (Sigh!) I must stop talking so insensitively about all this. [God! I’m so fed up of these ridiculous turn of events, all in one year!]

Since this New Year, we are celebrating life and  a decade gone by, I shall talk about the good things that happened in my life. I am grateful to have such a hassle-free college which demands only three days of attendance, that too not compulsory! 😉 I’m exceedingly proud of my college. I have enjoyed college life by lazing around. I’m happy with my decision to write blogs. [I’m giving the writer’s block such a good fight.] I’m also happy to have friends with whom I can enjoy to the core! The year’s best experiences have been the bike rides, eating out at all kinds of places, sitting in lectures together, having superb conversations that I’m going to remember forever and the photo-sessions in which I participated reluctantly. Also, how can I forget to mention, my friends gave me the best birthday gifts ever! They gifted me a cup with the letter “K” on it; a shop-lifted birthday card (I came to know about that only a few days back! I couldn’t stop laughing at their stupid escapade); and a group photo of all of them together. Besides that I am also thankful to my diary for bearing all that incomprehensible scribbles of complaints and grumbles on it. I would like to thank my teacher Mr. G. Mulay for letting me be when I needed to and also Taylor Swift and Paramore as their songs have been such a great mood-lifter! If only I could write songs with such superb lyrics!

Anyway, I hope 2010 will be great. I can’t wait for it to begin and bring in some fresh air of change.

What I am looking forward to in the new year are prelims in January, SRK’s ‘My name is Khan’ in February, my board exams in march and all the competitive exams I’m supposed to be giving in the next following months, my 18th birthday and all the decisions I’ll make all by myself, and… the rest I’ve not predicted yet. Let’s wait and watch. I hope the year 2010 excludes all monotony, indecisiveness and weakness out of it!

I know, many of us think making New Year resolutions are foolish and a waste of time, but so is singing ‘Happy birthday’ before cutting the cake. It is so embarrassingly foolish, everyone is out of tune and while singing you wonder whether the crowd is going to sing the next verse or not! Regardless we do love both the traditions. Well, I love making resolutions though I tend to not pursue it all through the year. My New Year resolution, this time, is to be creative in everything I do and also to sleep less! Tell me about yours too! I’m waiting impatiently for your responses, retorts, comments, replies and remarks. [I hope so many synonyms are enough to convince you to post your thoughts!]

Anticipating for great things ahead,
Signing off,
Tame She wolf


“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

— Abraham Lincoln

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