“What would life be without mental dialogue?!” – Chetan Bhagat

“.. And I thought I was the only psycho amusing myself!” – Tame She wolf

Hi there! This is my first blog.

Firstly I’d like to thank you for reading my first blog. It may not be very intellectual and not really impressive for a person who loves to read and write; and for a person who thinks she is only good at English and can do nothing else in life other than giving opinions, criticisms and discussing views. But hey, I’m seventeen. Everything is forgiven when you are a teen! 😉

I had been thinking to write a blog for a long time now. I was hesitating to write one. I had doubts about my own writing skills. But then I told myself, “Idiot, how would you know if you never tried!” So ta-daa… here’s me with a new outlook. On this new journey of blogging, I hope I meet people I can connect with. People who agree with me and people who beg to differ. I’m open to criticism. I’m here to learn and hone my skills. I’ll try not to be biased. My views are subject to change, i.e., if you can convince me why I’m wrong [Warning: That’ll be quite tough].

I also hope this blog doesn’t turn into a personal diary which no-one reads. I know, for sure that my friends will not be interested. They are completely opposite of everything that I am, but somehow we click! That’s a shocker for me too! They hate alphabets but love numbers. I don’t like math too much. I can do it pretty well but I hate it. I think it’s too aggressive and I’m too slow to give anybody competition! See, so it’s of no use. My friends think I am too diplomatic. But then, I say, what’s wrong in it? I‘d rather say, “There’s scope for improvement!” than say, “Ugh, that’s ugly! Change it!” In the end, I’m saying what I want to and not lying! By the way, I hate blunt honesty. I think it doesn’t do any good to anyone! Neither for the truthful speaker nor for the poor sufferer of brutal honesty!

More about me: I’d mention that I’m really lazy! That’s only because I’m not inspired to do anything. You know what, being a teen is not as easy! You will always wish to be a teen, but actually speaking, you don’t want to be one. I mean you may wish, but not want it. Because hormones screw up your brain, there is not one stable thought, everything is messed up and everybody still expects you to be sorted. I crave stability in everything like financially; mentally et al. Oh how I wish the turning point of life comes soon like it happens in movies! Talking about movies, I love watching movies which have a cool story to tell. My favourite actors are Shahrukh Khan and Tom Cruise. I’m a huge fan of SRK! I love listening to music like all teenagers do. I’m more inclined to English songs more than Hindi songs. But I love all kinds of music as long as the lyrics are good. I love the band ‘Paramore.’ I love ‘Taylor Swift.’ I find her lyrics very sweet, real and straight-from-the-heart!

It was difficult to decide what my first blog would be about! I read many blogs for reference. I searched on Google [the best!] and found some superb writers. I also read some self-obsessed writers who made it so complicated, trying to be over-smart in every line. At one point of time, I thought to myself, “who talks like this? God, he really must be lonely! ;)” But some bloggers were really witty and put a lot of effort in the blog. I read awesome creative lines like “I’m a blog virgin” or “watch out! I’m going to rock blogosphere!” It was entertaining to read such blogs! I really liked the idea. So I decided I must also do something creative in my blog. I need to have an X-factor to be counted in! So, here’s what I promise I’ll always do – I will have a funny, sarcastic, pun-intended quote\joke before beginning a blog and end it with some really thought-provoking quote which I love! And anyway, I have such a fantastic blog name for myself. I bet u like “Tame She wolf.” It’s kind of an oxymoron!

I guess, I said too much for one blog. Impatience is the new buzzword to describe our generation. And shorter is definitely sweeter! I’ll end my blog here with a sense of mini-achievement! [It would be an accomplishment if I stick to blogging and we celebrate my 100th blog together!]

Here’s to a great start!


I’m looking forward for your comments and suggestions!

Thrilled to be a blogger,

Signing off,

Tame She wolf 😉

“You can judge your age by your level of rejection to a new idea”

– tweeted by Paulo Coelho

P.S: Of course, I’m on twitter!


12 thoughts on “THE FIRST BLOG OF A TEEN!

  1. Hmmm………cool blog..defintly..!!!! "Gettin out the teen spirit from within"!!Btw Tom cruise's cool…but srk..noways!! :(gd lck wid the blog..P.S."Tame shewolf"…cool name..


  2. Nice one !! i really liked nt fond of readin blogs but had to read it coz u wud hav killed me !!i like d name as well…but as u said teens r impatient, so prefer keepin it short n sweet…it was almost like knwin u all over again..keep it up !!!cheeers-AGI !!!


  3. Hi there, teen! Congratulations on following through on your commitment and making this blog so awesome 🙂

    This just shows that you can persevere (contrary to what your grown-up self might think). If I were you, I would pat myself on the back for having done such a good job with the first post. When I was your age, I was all broody and dark and I tried to pretend that I was profound (I wasn’t, obviously).

    So, it’s very refreshing to see you so cheerful and full of optimism and to see your sheer lack of apathy (which your grown-up self has too much of, by the way).

    Keep up the good work! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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