Suboptimal living

Here’s another poem.
This time, Poorva, who cannot get over the thrill of being an engineering student, gave me words like “gears” and “draft”.
Malathi, the monk, gave me: “Illuminate”.
Nakiya Haider, the incurable romantic, gave me: “serendipity”

Also, this poem was difficult and frustrating to write. I did not know how to end it. I dedicate this poem to my favorite music band “fun.” for helping me out. You’ll see why. :) Continue reading


So, I am playing the “Your word, my poem” game again.

Tejas generously gave me many words to play with and I chose “dichotomy” out of them
and, Sameen dropped the word “flecks” on my list.

Read the poem that came to be. Continue reading